Our Story

Our initial goal was to fill a void, to provide a discreet and disposable smoking experience that could be enjoyed just about anywhere at any time. Along the way we discovered even larger needs that weren’t being addressed…the need for a more responsible and accurate method of dispense, and the need for safer materials. Through trial and error a simple idea turned into a much bigger one, and something that we think you will agree is very special. A revolutionary new product evolved… and now we have a story to tell.


There are many conventional ways to smoke dry leaf material. So what makes our Caldwell’s smoking pipes so special?

It’s simple really. We started with the safest, eco-conscious materials, sourced only in the USA. We then added a bunch of functional, forward thinking features that a discerning smoker would want.

The result is a common-sense system of dry leaf smoking that allows for an unadulterated, accurately measured experience designed to satisfy first time and experienced consumers alike.

Caldwell’s offer a safer, disposable, more discreet and convenient alternative to the conventional methods of smoking… and great for travel too!


~  Caldwell’s are 100% sourced, manufactured, assembled and packaged here in the USA.

~  Caldwell’s are made using only the safest, most eco-friendly materials available.

100% Aluminum-Free Stainless Steel Bowl

  • Surgical-Grade Steel
  • Recyclable
  • Sustainable
  • Organic Citrus-Based Passivation

100% Food-Grade Rigid Paper Tube

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Chlorine-Free
  • Biodegradable
  • Recyclable/ Compostable

Special Features

More Discreet & Familiar

Smokers can quickly and discreetly enjoy their favorite smoking material anytime, anywhere, with minimal invasiveness to those around them, and then immediately recycle the used product without the lingering effects of conventional smoking devices.

An optional novelty filter sticker can be applied to mimic the familiar look of a conventional filter cigarette. Or nix the sticker and go with the standard white.

Also included is an optional end-cap sticker that can be applied after filling the bowl. The cap sticker keeps your smoking material tidy and in place when you’re on the go.

Caldwell’s disposable pipes are recyclable, sustainable and cost effective for single use, delivering a clean, fresh smoking experience every time.Or if you’d prefer, they can also be used multiple times.

Intuitive & Fast Loading

Nothing is this easy…Caldwell’s can literally be prepared in seconds where rolling papers, cones, and vaporizers require substantially more time and focused attention to prepare properly.

Wholesale/ distributor

It’s true that Caldwell’s smoking pipes were created to provide a premium consumer experience, but a lot of consideration went in to the packaging design and features, specifically for Retail sales.

Recognizing that retailers often offer a wide array of available dry leaf smoking material as well as accessories, Caldwell’s are available in convenient “Box” (counter top displays), “Bundles” (150 count Caldwell’s smoking pipes), “Bricks” of 4-Packs and other options including custom design for branding/marketing purposes.

Retailers see Caldwell’s as a great way to meet the needs of out of town visitors who may prefer smaller amounts of smoking material, don’t know how to or want to use rolling papers, and are expected to dispose of any accessories before heading home.

Caldwell’s proprietary bowl size system provides the retailer an option to profile samples of select varieties, or create “flights”, so discerning smokers can hone in on their preference.

Caldwell’s are sold only to approved retailers. We emphatically support the responsible use of our products. Sale of our product is governed by local laws that are enforced by the retailer. 

Contact us now to set up a wholesale or distributor account.

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